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Alumnilab's mission statement is 'Do Better'.

Our services empower Universities, Schools, Professional Colleges and Non Profits with the data and outreach that they need to engage alumni, donor and constituent communities. We offer the most accurate search capabilities available, guaranteeing up to 100% accuracy on all records returned and a pay per search policy, to ensure a clear ROI on any order. We offer full human validation of emails, phone numbers and social links as well as providing any cues from recent constituent activity to ensure that you can better reach and serve thousands of alumni and uncover new donors.


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Alumnilab monitors over 500 million individuals using proprietary technology, partnerships with trusted data providers and human verification. Our data is compiled from over 10,000 different data sources and billions of data points. Alumnilab's data sourcing solution validates all data collected and verifies it multiple times against a number of self reported sources.

Alumnilab can be used to gather information including contact information (email, phone, physical address), professional information (title, current and past company), social media information (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn URLs) as well as net worth indicators (previous donations, large purchases and more).



"Using Alumnilab to analyse donor records proved invaluable in increasing our fundraising activities. We had a measured increase of 28% in donations collected for 2018. We started with our '98 graduates, but will be expanding in 2019 because we were wowed.. and you don't say that too often in our space!"

Director of  Prospect Research, State College

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Many institutions struggle with alumni, donor and constituent engagement. Alumnilab is the first provider of its kind to offer engagement as a service, with personalized and fully customizable alumni, donor and constituent engagement via email, LinkedIn and phone. Schedule more donor meetings, increase event attendance and find more volunteers with our outreach services.

To start your search, simply contact us with a request for a search or information append. Simply submitting a .CSV file via our portal is all you need to do. No change in formatting is required to place an order, ensuring that you can easily input the results back into any CRM, without changing your mapping processes.

We typically turn around a full search within 2 to 7 business days. There is no upper limit on records searched at any one time.


For repeated searches or alumni, donor and constituent monitoring, Alumnilab can automate the search and update of your data, with customized two-way integration allowing for records to be updated the moment that they change.

Contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our representatives or order a free sample search below.





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