Your next 100 clients are waiting.

We're passionate about empowering start-ups with the best strategies, processes and solutions to grow. So we created an agency to help make this happen.


Our outbound sales and marketing agency deploys strategy, processes, award winning people and tech to help start-ups scale-up.

From building business structure, to creating effective sales and marketing strategies, all through to implementing targeted campaigns using the very best processes and technology, we ramp up sales and help promising start-ups to find ideal clients.


We assist in building go to market strategies and in refining existing sales strategies in order to improve sales performance.


We build call scripts and deploy native English speaking sales professionals to build connections with prospects in your  industry.


We write compelling outbound sales and marketing copy to help your emails, posts, messages and calls have an impact and not land in Spam and Promotion folders. 


We create interest generating social posts and network with prospects in order to build your brand awareness and drive further conversations with your team.

The 6 elements of Outbound Sales and Marketing


Do you have a SMART strategy?


Are you talking to the right people?


Are you able to get through?


Is the timing right for the prospect?


Are you delivering a compelling message?


Are you following up regularly?


Alumnilab was founded in 2018 by three experienced sales and marketing professionals, following a successful exit. Alumnilab has the mission of improving start ups by assisting with marketing and sales campaigns.


Increasingly, we've found more and more start ups struggling with creating and implementing effective business, sales and marketing processes. The failure rate for an early stage startup shouldn't be so high!


As such, we're focussed on helping start-ups to scale and reach more clients in a responsible and intelligent way. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop tailored and unique strategies... and roll up our sleeves to deploy them.


We're strategists, cold callers, writers, social sellers, relationship builders and door knockers. Our job is to grow your business in your space.


Are you ready to set your start-up on the path to success? Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.

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